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Children Potty Trainer

Children Potty Trainer

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Teaching your child to go to the bathroom can be a difficult task, very difficult. Let's make it very fun!

One thing for sure....toilet training is hard... it's hard for the kiddo and its hard for the parents. It's easy to get frustrated because let's face it...a toilet is not made for a tiny tyke who is ALREADY bad at aiming! Am I right parents?

Want a better way to transition your son from potty to standing to pee? This Toilet Trainer cultivates a habit of independent urination, reducing pant and bed wetting in little time

It has strong suction cups ensure easy mounting and the trainer won't fall off the wall. The frog urinal can easily be adjusted to suit the height according to your baby's needs. The large-capacity removable inner cup of potty training urinal makes it super easy to clean. Your toddler will have an amazing time practicing and aiming for the little windmill spinner. No wall sprays! No mess anywhere!


  • Made of high quality TPU plastic
  • Non Toxic, Eco-Friendly
  • Separating Groove Design For Easy Disassembly and Cleaning
  • Built In Rotating Fun Wheel
  • Strong Suction Mounts For Secure Urinal Setup (must mount on smooth, clean surfaces)


A GREAT MOTIVATOR FOR FUN POTTY TRAINING : Frog shape and rotating windmill of this potty training urinal creates a fun, a game-like experience for your little one. It helps to make them try harder without being conscious of the fact they are learning

SAFE POTTY TRAINING : This frog urinal is designed with the goal of making potty training easier. It’s made of an environmentally friendly material, non-toxic with no peculiar smell. This ensures a sturdy potty that does not shift at all when your baby/toddler is using it. 

VERSATILE DESIGN: Easy mounting to a wall for upright, freestanding use on the floor. It has a strong sucker. You can adjust the height of the item according to the baby. It provides entertainment and keeps your child focus throughout the toilet training process. 

PERFECT REUSABLE POTTY TRAINING URINAL: Urine groove separation design and light surface make the frog urinal easy to clean. It voids direct contact with toilets and helps effectively prevent the spread of germs. It can be used multiple times after cleaning.

Eliminate Overflow : The large capacity of potty training urinal ensures the urine will not overflow. It ensures less messy toilet training process.

Easy to Clean : The inner part of the potty can be lifted out easily, allowing for fast cleaning.


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