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Pet Fence Window

Pet Fence Window

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See the World from a New Angle with Dog Fence Window

Give your furry friend a new perspective with the Dog Fence Window. This unique product allows dogs, cats, horses, and even children to get a clear view of the world beyond their fence. With an XL size, it's perfect for pets of all sizes.

✔ Clear View Dome 

✔ Easy to Install

✔ Durable and Weather-Resistant

    Enhance Your Pet's Environment

    Pets love to explore and the Dog Fence Window gives them a new way to do just that. They'll be able to see what's going on outside the fence, which can help prevent boredom and anxiety.

    Promote Physical Activity

    By providing a new stimulus for pets, the Dog Fence Window can help encourage physical activity. Dogs and cats may be more likely to run, jump, and play when they have a new view of the world.

    Easy to Clean

    The Dog Fence Window can be easily cleaned with soap and water, making it a low-maintenance addition to your pet's environment.

    Safe and Secure

    The window is designed to be safe for pets and won't splinter or crack. Plus, it's installed securely to prevent it from falling or being dislodged.


    The XL size makes the Dog Fence Window suitable for pets of all sizes, including large dogs and even horses. It's also a great way to keep an eye on children playing in the yard.

    Product Specs

    • Size: 12.4" in diameter and 5" deep
    • Material: Acrylic

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