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Rainbow Musical Tree Kit

Rainbow Musical Tree Kit

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Reduce Your Childs Screen-Time And Say Hello To Playtime With Purpose!

Magic Note™ Rainbow Musical Tree Set – Brite Spark

Our easy to assemble rainbow music tree is a wonderful toy to encourage your child to explore sound, colour and cause and effect processes using the accompanying ten balls. Developing fine motor skills through play, this durable toy promotes hand-eye co-ordination and, most importantly, is lots of fun!

The Rainbow Magical Tree Toy makes for the perfect gift, providing soothing sensory stimulation that not only calms your child, but also provides a rewarding, satisfying and engaging experience.

Now also including 6 larger wooden balls!

  • Suitable age 3 years+
  • Due to small parts (10 wooden balls) this product should be used strictly under the supervision of an adult. 
  • Do NOT use as a teether, these products should NOT be bitten.
  • ALWAYS supervise your children while they explore these toys.
  • Designed for gentle play, not to be thrown or dropped from a height.


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