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Slow Feeder Lick Mat 2pc

Slow Feeder Lick Mat 2pc

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Getting your dog or cat to slow down at dinner time can be a real problem for both you and your dog. It can cause them to experience bloating, vomiting and even choking, not to mention the "silent but deadly" gas that can come with it!

Mat-Buddy – Holi-Feels

The Slow Feeder Mat was explicitly designed to put an end to this, by allowing you to spread their meals out between the 4 unique sections it forces them to work for their meals.

Like most slow-feeding bowls, our mat has maze-like grooves that your dog will need to maneuver their way around to get to their meal. It's not the trickiest puzzle in the world, but it's enough to stop your dog from scooping up their entire meal in one big gulp. They also include rubber grips to stop them from pushing it around the house!

The other 2 licking mat sections of Slow Feedz were designed to allow your dog to lick for their food. Licking generates saliva that contains enzymes that will aid in digestion and helps protect their teeth and gums. It also allows you to serve a wide variety of treats; peanut butter, yoghurt, purees and any organic and healthy pet approved treats.


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