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Silicon Baby Bib

Silicon Baby Bib

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🤱 Hats off mama!

Your little bundle of happiness is now 6 months or older and ready to start with solids.

Start with Baby-Led Weaning, to let your baby take charge and feed themselves.

But are you ready for it?

Or you gonna wipe off the floors of mashed avocados and bath your messy little critter after every meal?

To deal with the stress of the mess when your baby gags, spits, or slips food from hands, the first thing you should grab is a catch-all baby bib that has a reservoir like pocket-front to pick the foods falling off.

These cute baby bibs (a lot lesser than your kid!) will help with easy cleanup and make Baby-Led weaning, a lot easier for you.

🙋‍♀️ Convenient catch-pocket for spills and dribbles.

Let’s face it! Gagging is very common in the early days of feeding solids. Babies drop a lot of food especially with solid foods, there are chunks of things constantly falling down.

The silicone pockets of these bibs are big enough to catch the majority of food that doesn’t make it into your baby’s mouth.

Things like yogurt, sauce, or spaghetti tend to get all over the eating space and leave stains all over your baby's clothes.

This catch-all bib prevents food from getting squished all over the highchair, clothes, and floor. Save time and effort with the easier cleanup.

💁‍♀️ Easy to put on and stays in place.

There are 6 latches on the adjustable neck strap which is easy to put on even the squirmiest baby.

A tab hook secures it around the baby’s shoulders and keeps it snug. 

One size fits all babies perfectly, no matter the weight and size of your baby.

💆‍♀️ Keeps you less stressed.

It’s great to see the youngest member of the family sit in the high chair before a spread of finger foods, attempting to transfer the bits from tray to tongue all on their own.

These cute bibs allow for a more natural and family-friendly way of serving solids to your baby without being much stressed about the sputtering and gagging.

🧖‍♀️ Made with Food grade and BPA free silicone.

These silicone baby bibs are BPA free. They are edible and safe for your baby even if they try to bite or lick it.

You can even boil it in hot water to clean oil and dirt without the fear of any damage to these bibs.

They are also waterproof and dries quickly. (No potato purees can seep through the material!)

🧼 Easy to wash and reuse.

Toss it into the dishwasher for a quick wash like any utensil or simply wipe the bib with a damp cloth and you’re good to go. It does not resist stains, or absorb liquids, unlike cotton bibs.

You can wash and reuse it over and over again.

Yes, Mama! These are your easy peasy cleaning secrets.

🎈 Butter soft, lightweight, and comfortable

These are soft to touch, and gentle even on the most sensitive skin of your baby.

Super lightweight and comfy, does not add bulk over your little baby.

🏃‍♀️ Stashed easily while on the go

Is your toddler on the move? Or are you planning for a family dinner outside?

Just roll up these baby bibs in your travel pouch, handbag, or stash it in a diaper bag, to dine together with "little you" in the restaurant high-chair.

 🧸 Calming and cute prints

Cute animal baby bib patterns just add a bit more fun to your baby’s mealtime.

👶 Helps babies learn self-regulation

This bib can help your little one explores food at their own pace, without creating a rush for you to clean up.

That surely means smashing, smearing and dropping foods and probably making a big old mess at every meal.

But you don’t have to sweat! Just stay with your baby when they eat and give them their time to work it out while this bib stores the mess for cleaning up later.

This helps your baby develop self-regulation and feed themselves not more than they need to feel full.


Type: Catch-all baby bibs in animal patterns

Material: Soft silicone (Food grade, BPA free, PVC free)

Material type: Waterproof, oil, and stain-resistant, machine washable.

Suitable for age: 0-5 years 

Gender: Unisex

Weight: 80 grams


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